Winter Home Organization Tips

By: Mark H. Stowers

Temperatures have dropped and all those summer and fall outdoor fun activities have ceased. Time to focus on the inside of your home again and hey, where did all this stuff come from? Time to declutter, clean, organize and reclaim your home space. We have our best winter home organization tips for you. Don’t worry, once you get going with a few tips to adhere to the chore will free you from junk and clear your home.

Here are our best winter home organization tips!

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First, Just Let Go!

If its broke and you’re not going to fix it, get rid of it. Small appliances, toys and all those pieces of something sitting on the workbench or in a closet or taking up space on the basement floor need to go. If it’s not functional and doesn’t bring you joy, bring joy to the garbageman and give him more to do on pick up day. If you’re having too many doubts, put it in a box and set it aside for a second decision later.

Be Ok with Good

It’s overused but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was this junkpile you call a basement and home. It will take some time but once you get in a rhythm it will pick up the pace. Don’t think you’ve got to have everything looking perfect on just one run through. Just make dents in it. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! All of your precious junk, get rid of if it, one piece at a time. Don’t take on the whole house at once. That leads to a quick defeat. Take it room by room and section by section if necessary. As Walt Disney used to say, “Keep moving forward.” Organizing will take some time and don’t cement your strategy, be flexible but just keep moving forward.

Be Creative and Boxy

There’s no need to go bankrupt in buying out the container store of everything to get organized. Peruse your own boxes and those from local businesses. You can even craft your own storage pieces that fit your style. Look for bins, buckets, baskets and yes, even jars. Baskets and buckets can have a nice visual and even add texture and color to a room. Quite functional as they can fit magazines, shoes, toys and most anything. Even large containers can be repurposed. A large metal bowl can take on new life. Turn some junk into help.

Stack Up – Literally

The storage you find will take up floor space but look for things you can stack up vertically. Stacking bins and boxes and don’t forget about bins that can fit under your bed. Stacking up can create a sense of balance and give you more space to move about giving you a freer feeling and less claustrophobia. Overall, getting organized, frees you up, helps you save time in finding those needed treasures later and allows your junk to become someone else’s treasure. Let’s get moving. Hey, who needs a broken drill press and some old Barbies?

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