Treat Dreams Dessert Emporium


Welcome to Community Conversations: Treat Dreams Dessert Emporium! Jim Shaffer sits down to talk with Scott Moloney, owner of Treat Dreams Dessert Emporium in Ferndale and Detroit, about what it has been like running a food establishment with a large footprint during quarantine in these Covid days.

Jim Shaffer is a HUGE fan of Treat Dreams! He and his family live nearby and stop in often for sweet treats. Jim particularly appreciates Treat Dreams for offering multiple vegan ice creams. Jim refers to Scott as the ‘Willy Wonka of Ice Cream’. Scott considers Jim to be an early regular of the place!

Treat Dreams started 10 years ago (on Friday the 13th!) when Scott decided to leave his corporate career. He ended up in Ferndale when he learned that Quiznos was going out of business and their great location became available. He knows that if he had started this concept anywhere else that it would have never worked. “There is a bit of magic in Ferndale where people want to support local business” Jim says.

Scotts second Treat Dreams second location opened in Downtown Detroit, in the midtown area. The month he opened it took right off. He already had a customer base there so it really paid off.

Woodpile BBQ is also a project that Scott is involved in and before the Government shutdown they opened their second location in Madison Heights. The Clawson location is doing well!

Scott mentions that the business at Treat Dreams Dessert Emporium is down because ice cream is such a communal experience. They often have a long line and people visiting know to expect it and use that time to catch up with others. Now people can only stop in to pick up instead of hanging out.

Scott is in the process of a major pivot. His store in Ferndale is quite large with seating and he will be launching a new Farm to Market concept. There will booths and stalls for prepared foods from local Michigan artisanal makers. Ferndale is the perfect place for a local, organic market for people to shop at.

Scott has always prioritized relationships with other local businesses and is now receiving that same support back when he needs it most. Jim shares that this time is going to be a wonderful opportunity to see new partnerships form and new entrepreneurs come out.

Scott is launching delivery now for select ice cream flavors and some add ons from other local restaurants like The Mac Shack or Culintro, making it a full dinner and dessert!

**DID YOU KNOW?** In 2019 Jim Shaffer and Associates held a contest to create a custom JSA Ice Cream with Treat Dreams? The winning flavor was Jim Sells S’more Homes and was a graham cracker ice cream with marshmallow swirls and chocolate chips!

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