A Southfield Mid Century Modern Steal

By: Mark H. Stowers

Every single property is sizzling in the real estate market. If you can get in the door, there’s an offer to be made. But it’s hard to find a great deal in a great neighborhood. Or is it? In Southfield, a community with roots back to the 1700s that has seen its ups and downs of urban flight and rediscovery. But these days the city of 80,000 is hustling and bustling. The modern city is a mix of beautiful homes and colossal skyscrapers attracting world-wide businesses. There’s more than 27 million square feet of office space that boasts the city’s daytime population to more than 175,000. Check out this Southfield Mid Century Modern fixer-upper!

Jim Shaffer and Associates

And right in the midst of this revitalization is a white whale – a 1957 Hyde Park area home with 1,800 square feet of living space. Though sold as-is, this Mid Century Modern is priced for less than $140K this property reeks of history, nostalgia and potential.

This custom style ranch has an oversized and envied corner lot in the 10,000-plus square feet range in one of Southfield’s most desirable neighborhoods. There’s instant equity to be gained with a bit of fix up work. The high ceilings, large windows and great design offer a plentiful canvas for improvement and a cozy home to be. A wide-open kitchen allows for culinary dreams to be imagined. The expansive window view of a backyard filled with hardwood trees combines cozy, urban and rural into a palatable mix of comfort. The wood interior gives the home a backbone to build from and a firm foundation from which to create.


Jim Shaffer and Associates

Built at the height of Mid Century Modern design, this home’s heart and warmth need a bit of rekindling but stands ready to burn bright for generations to come. Windows, some floor to ceiling offers a constant view of nature and the enviable back yard anyone would adore. Bathrooms with space and potential, bedrooms with possibility all add up to a Mid Century Modern dream come true.

We seem to have attained the unattainable – all right in Southfield.

This home is listed by Sami Abdallah of RE/MAX City Centre.

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