Selling Your Home During the Holidays

By: Mark H. Stowers

Is selling your home during the Holidays a good idea?

It’s beginning to look a lot like – home selling during the holidays. November to January has gotten a bad rap as the worst time to sell a home. Is Selling your home during the Holidays a good idea? Cold winter weather may be a drag on your selling spirit but holiday home buyers resemble a Black Friday shopper – serious and on point to get it done. But not at a Black Friday discount. With competition that would make Scrooge smile, prices should move upward. Even with less inventory on the market outside of the holidays, there’s even less during them. That gives you an advantage right away.

But first, make a solid decision. If you really want to sell, commit to the process and challenge and let’s get that Holiday Spirit in overdrive. Don’t become “that house” with too many holiday decorations and a light show visible from Pluto. Make your home a cozy holiday festive place any family could imagine themselves with room for their own family’s holiday touch. If you’ve got too many gawkers in your lawn and street trying to get a photo of your Clark Griswold-esque lighting, you’ll lose potential buyers who can’t fight through the crowd for a better look. Also, look for more generic and festive holiday decorations.

Jim Shaffer and Associates
Jim Shaffer and Associates

Make Sure You Hire a Reliable Real Estate Agent – Like Jim Schaffer and Associates

Hey, girl! Find a relator that won’t be chugging eggnog and looking for holly but will be looking for buyers to be your Santa Claus with a check for your home to improve your holiday spirit. You don’t need the stress, find someone who will get the job done.

Look for Motivated Buyers

People who are relocating and need a new home asap, investors on a tax deadline, college students and staff as well as military personnel are all good candidates. Look for these types of clients to move your home and make everyone’s holiday special.

Price to Sell

Don’t be a Grinch or Scrooge, it’s the holidays. Set the price appropriately that meets your need and doesn’t keep you extended on the market. A lower price might start a bidding war in your favor. Rather than slashing the price.

Maintain and Picture Perfect

Take the time to rake, paint and touch up what needs to be touched up and take real but high quality photos. Get that first impression that’s awesome for buyers. And keep safety in mind. Shovel the walk and clear any ice. Hire a professional if necessary. Also, make that first inside impression a warm and cozy one. Turn the heat up, make some cookies or treats for that extra holiday feeling.

You just may find your Santa-buyer when adhering to these tips and the Scrooge and Grinch ones will pass on by.

Jim Shaffer and Associates

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