Paper Trail Books Royal Oak

Paper Trail Books Royal Oak

Jim Shaffer talk to Dave Brown, co-owner of Paper Trail Books in downtown Royal Oak, about how he and his brother got started, how the recent times of Covid19 has effected them, and what the community can do to help show them support.

Brothers Dave and Scott Brown have always wanted to open a book shop. They had each relocated out of state and the vision to open a store in Michigan brought them back. Royal Oak was somewhere they had spent a lot of time hanging out while growing up. It was also an obvious choice for them being a downtown that didn’t have one. Dave says “Everyone good downtown needs a bookstore”.

Paper Trail Books sells not just books though, their stock consists of comic books, CD’s, records, magazines, VHS tapes, cassettes, and small gifts.

After the Michigan shutdown, Paper Trail Books reopened and business is starting to pick up.

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