New Heights Nutrition


Welcome to Community Conversations: New Heights Nutrition! We visited virtually with Jillian Johnson, owner of New Heights Nutrition in Madison Heights, to chat about what makes her shop more than a place for great smoothies!

Jim Shaffer and Associates is a proud member of the Woodward Corridor Community and we love to put the spotlight on our neighborhood community partners. Meet Jillian Johnson, owner of New Heights Nutrition!

New Heights Nutrition has been serving up “Healthy Shakes, Energizing Teas, & Good Vibes” for over two years now, with the healthy shake shop in Madison Heights on John R. open now since September 2018. Jillian was born and raised in Royal Oak and wanted to keep her vision local, so neighboring Madison Heights was an ideal location for Jillian. Jillian and her team know every person’s tastes and dietary needs are unique, so she urges first time customers to call the shop and speak with an employee to determine what shake or tea is best for them on that day.

Jillian counts herself truly fortunate that New Heights Nutrition has thrived during the pandemic, noting that people have become more aware of what they consume and are seeking nutrition options with immunity support now more than ever. Curbside delivery is available for contactless consumption, and New Heights Nutrition’s Facebook and Instagram pages are the best way to find the latest menu options and contact information.

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