Maximizing Your Home’s Coziness

By: Mark H. Stowers

Warm, relaxing and comforting – just what any home should be. But just how are these coziness factors attained? Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder as coziness may be a much broader definition. The essence of coziness can come in many different forms. Find yours and embrace it. If you’re looking to make your abode a bit more cozy, here are 10 Tips to for Maximizing Your Home’s Coziness, in no particular order.


Flowers. Scatter flowers around your home. Small bouquets on tables, hanging in pots or anywhere that needs a bit of brightening up. Fresh flowers bring a great look and smell but artificial flowers can do most of that job as well. It’s all about the feeling they bring to you and those who visit your home. Add a dash of color here and there and enjoy the coziness flowers can bring.

The Rule of Three. Yes, it works in humor as well as decorating. When adding accessories to any room, do so in threes. Mix and match but always with three objects. Be creative, be simple but always one plus one plus one to equal three.

Books on a coffee table add ambience but show your personality as well. They add a cozy factor that can also be felt by adding quotes framed on a wall. Add some throw pillows and cushions of all sizes. Not only are they artistic but add function to the form when needed if you are in need of a comfy place to lie down.

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What’s your passion? Sprinkle your hobby and passion into your decorating as well. This can be photos or objects but keep the minimalist inside you alive and not smothered. Accent your decor and create coziness with your passion.

How about new curtains? Windows give your home personality and dressing them up with different touches can add coziness. Consider linen which offers more character for your home. Declutter the front of your fridge and put a few “moments” up for display. Fridge magnet photos of special folks add a layer of coziness to your kitchen.

And how are your walls? Clean and looking a little dull and boring? Consider adding in some wall stencils. There are literally hundreds of designs to choose from to add some spice, design and a bit of coziness to your home.

And if you’re looking at that paint and thinking a bit, how about making a few changes with some warm colors? Warm equals cozy. Browns, oranges and neutral darker tones will do the trick but be sure and test a small area before heading in full bore with a color change.

A few bonus items. Add some candles to increase layers of coziness as well as bake some cookies, bread or other delightful smelling treats. Put together a killer cold-weather playlist of music while enjoying your favorite hot beverage. Cold weather is a given every year so find ways to embrace it with a warm and cozy sweater while enjoying some seasonal activities.

However you define cozy, dive in and let your home give you a snug, warm hug of coziness.

Jim Shaffer and Associates

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