We’re planning our 1st annual Easter Egg Hunt for our clients and wanted to share the details on you can throw this easy and affordable event too!

Hosting clients events is a sure fire way to solidify your relationships with your past client base and your SOI (Sphere of Influence, friends & family). By adding event invite touches, you are staying in the forefront of peoples minds as the person they know in real estate. For those that attend your events, you get priceless face time to deepen your relationships as well.

This simple Easter Egg Hunt event is affordable and easy to plan. A perfect 1st event if you’re new to client parties, and a great addition to any events you may already throw.

Here are the steps to planning the perfect Easter Egg Hunt:


  • Choose a local park and reserve a date the weekend prior to Easter
  • Send out digital invites to all of your closed & current clients, any hot leads you’re working, and your friends & family (We like Eventbrite for its ease of use and the fact that it’s free!)
  • Be sure to add a question to the RSVP that asks if they have anyone to refer to you. Always be planting the seed that you would love their referrals!
  • Purchase prefilled Easter Eggs. We found these and boy will they save time!
  • Plan on 15-20 eggs per child who registered
  • Consider doing a few special golden eggs with bigger prizes in them such as a family membership to a local zoo, or play place)
  • Purchase an Easter Bunny costume and choose a friend to play the role at the event. We found this budget costume and this higher end one. Families can take photos with the Easter Bunny or just visit with him.
  • Send a mass text out a few days before reminding everyone to RSVP before it’s too late. You can utilize your CRM to do this or an inexpensive option like Text Magic


  • Arrive to the park early to hide all of your eggs
  • Have your Easter Bunny ready to greet kids as they arrive
  • Consider setting up a special area for very young kids so the older kids don’t find all of the eggs first
  • Take lots of photos!


  • Be sure to send a follow up email out to everyone who was invited. Share the best photos you took and let everyone know what a success it was.