Community Conversations: green garden child development center

Welcome to Community Conversations with Green Garden Child Development Center! We visited virtually with Erica, owner of Green Garden Child Development Center to chat about what makes their center’s different than all others! You’ll be fascinated to learn what separates them from the rest!

Watch Jim’s interview with Erica Tank of Green Garden Child Development Center

Green Garden Child Development Center

Jim Shaffer and Associates is a proud member of the Woodward Corridor Community and we love to put the spotlight on our neighborhood community partners. Meet Erica Tank, owner of Green Garden Child Development Center!

Green Garden was started because Erica couldn’t find child care that fit her parenting philosophies. As a new Mom Erica was concerned with exposing her son to things that might affect his health like food, cleaning products, art supplies, and and excess of plastics, but also things that would affect his future like media consumption, discipline, adult interactions, and a socially conscious awareness.

Green Garden is the only child care center in Michigan that is 100% organic. They serve food that is completely organic, vegetarian, and free of preservatives, GMOs, food dyes, and any other harmful additives.

Green Garden is truly a different kind of child care that is built on love and health and we are proud to be partners with them!

Get more info and learn about the ways Green Garden is different on their website!

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