Getting Cocoa-Nuts with Quix Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Well, there’s probably some people who don’t, but if that’s you then we can’t be friends. Sorry – not sorry!

We recently had the pleasure of sampling some of the best chocolate we have ever tasted at Quix Chocolate in Ferndale, Michigan at our February Hype Squad event. Haven’t heard of Quix? You need to fix that right, uh, quix (see what we did there?). Quix specializes in the finest quality Belgian chocolate around, everything is hand-made from scratch and DAMN IS IT GOOD. At the event our VIP clients were able to try all sorts of delicious treats, and even get a “backstage” look at how the chocolate is made. Jealous much? You should be! Check out the video to see how sweet the event was:

Hype Squad fun @ Quix!

Getting to attend our exclusive Hype Squad events is one of the perks of working with Jim Shaffer and Associates! If you’re looking to buy or sell this year, make sure you reach out to work with one of our amazing agents. Once you’re a client, we’ll send you an invite to the Hype Squad where you’ll have a chance to win great prizes, get early access to event info, and come hang out with us and do awesome things like eat free chocolate. 

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