Five Exterior Home Improvements to Make this Fall

By: Mark H. Stowers

Summer has begun to fade, fall temperatures are teasing and nightfall inches closer each day. Fall is just around the corner and it’s time to think about getting your home ready for the change of season. An investment in time, a little bit of elbow grease and perhaps some dollars will help get your living quarters in shape. Here are our five exterior home improvements to make this fall!

Five Exterior Home Improvements to Make this Fall

Inspect your gutters and clean them out. Gutters can get weighed down with debris and rain and get clogged up. That can lead to leaks near your foundation where the water spills over and even can lead to a leaky roof. A ladder and a bucket and a pair of gloves will be the minimum equipment required. Once cleaned, a gutter guard of some type can be a great investment to keep your gutters unclogged and working efficiently.

Build a patio. Yes, you put it off because the winter was too cold, the summer was too hot but fall temperatures are perfect. It’s also a great time to refinish or re-stain your deck due to the optimal temps. Consider renting the equipment yourself or pay a professional but the benefits are long-lasting and add value to your home.

Fall is a great time to inspect your roof, check your windows and your furnace. You don’t want to be caught in sub-zero temps with an iffy furnace. Check your roof for leaks and inspect the insulation. Have a professional check your furnace or electric heat pump to make sure it’s clean and working properly and efficiently.

If your home has exterior painted surfaces, inspect them for wear and tear. A fresh coat of paint does more than refresh the look. It also helps protect as it’s the first line of defense from nature – both weather and insects. A proper paint job seals the surface from moisture and keeps bugs away as well.

Check your chimney. Have it professionally “swept” to insure its proper and efficient use and to help keep your family safe and warm. Make sure there’s no dancing Englishmen with a broom up there. Find a seasoned chimney sweep. Also, sealing or painting a chimney will help make it more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Simple and easy maintenance items that will keep your home safe and secure for you and your family.