Father’s Day 2022

By: Mark H. Stowers

He’s the man of the house. The king of the castle and the Big Man on Campus but what in the world do you do with dad on Father’s Day? Maybe it’s best to first ask and then he gives you the “it doesn’t matter, what do y’all want to do?” or a similar response, it’s time to go all Top Gun and Mission Impossible on him. What does dad enjoy doing? What does he like to do? What does he want to do? Cracking this case may be difficult but try to start simple. Don’t overthink it and don’t overlook simplicity. Here’s our ideas for what to do on Father’s Day 2022!


Dads are usually no frills. Take him out to breakfast but not to a place where you stand in line for some frou-frou piece of toast with and where the vegetables outweigh the egg content. Find a restaurant with a strong cup of coffee and crispy bacon. Dad will be for days. If you’ve got the kitchen skills it takes, try to beat him out of bed and prepare an indoor breakfast picnic. Some folks might call that breakfast in bed but a picnic is something where you can spread out and not worry about getting mom’s sheet’s stained with strawberry jelly.

An inside picnic doesn’t have bad weather and bugs but watch out for the family pets as they’ll want to partake as well. It can be simple, it can be Door Dashed or you can pre-package some favorites of his. Your own charcuterie of cheese and crackers and salami served with family love are a unique gift remembered for ages.

He has his work tools and his fun tools. The bar b que is special for dads. Does he want to smoke a brontosaurus? Grill a swordfish or conquer a stack of shish ka bobs? It’s all about the process and that cooler of beer and yes, the final product that’s restaurant ready to present and serve up. Get out all his spices, rubs and garnishes to play with and make sure there’s plenty of charcoal and/or gas in the tank to keep play time on the grill going strong.

And to make any event special, make some ice cream. Dad doesn’t always get “his flavor” but with your own gelato or simple ice cream maker, you can create his favorite from scratch. Maybe there’s a family recipe he’s long forgotten about.

Enough about food, take a walk with your dad and ask him his favorite memories of growing up. Maybe about his dad, uncles, brother or grandad or even characters from his youth. These are the folks that helped mold him into your dad and the statute of limitations has most likely run out on the best stories. Dig deep into his memories so you can tell your kids. Maybe even record them on your smartphone. A dad’s voice can last forever and mean a lot to you and the next generation, especially when they are gone.

Being outside, doing dad stuff like fly a kite, play catch or put together a tournament of his favorite game – from cornhole to bocce ball or maybe even a water balloon fight. Simple fun that brings folks together just can’t be beat. Hit the local pool but don’t let dad be the pack mule. Get him a cooler with his favorite beer, a nice chair and that book he’s been trying to read the last decade, then give him some peace and quiet. Then get him in the water for family fun. A fun round of putt-putt is always a winner and you can spend time on the hitting range before or after so he can work on his real golf swing without all that walking.

It’s his day so don’t over plan. Most dads just want to see family members smiling and enjoying themselves and to be able to take part. If he’s the one always with the camera, free his hands to be part of the picture for a change. Help him find his laugh, his smile, his relaxation and to enjoy his day, with his friends and family.

Is his work bench piled high with “honey do” projects and wishful thinking ideas that just haven’t had the time to tackle? Help him clear some of that space and while he’s fixing and creating and working, ask him questions. How did he learn his carpentry and Mr. Fix It Skills?

If he’s an outdoorsman, get him on that bike he keeps in the backyard but hasn’t found time to enjoy. Check the air in the tires, wipe off the dust and get dad on a ride. There was a time when he thought of himself as the next Evel Knievel. Just don’t put up any tempting ramps in the parking lot or the Emergency Room might work its way into your agenda.

And while that back yard grill is getting a workout, find a spot to set up for an outdoor movie night. A big sheet with Top Gun projected or maybe even family movies that he’s shot and never watched can be a Father’s Day no one will forget. Maybe project his favorite concert. YouTube is full of music and adventure and even classic commercials from his youth.

Maybe the backyard and front yard have been suffering from not enough attention with dad’s job and other duties taking up his time. Get his tools and gloves and head out and let him command the troops and spruce up the outdoor landscape. Mom will appreciate the efforts as well.

Just honor dad and don’t over work him. Let him “relax” at the pool, the grill or maybe just take in a local summer collegiate baseball game where dads are being honored. Hot dogs, beer and baseball, sounds like an unbeatable Father’s Day – with very little clean-up. Happy Father’s Day, don’t overthink but pour out the love.

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