Community Conversations: Chunk Nibbles

Welcome to Community Conversations with Chunk Nibbles We visited virtually with Brad Cocklin, owner of Chunk Nibbles to chat about what Chunk Nibbles is, who started it, and how is it so delicious!? Also watch Jim try to keep a straight face every time he says “Chuck Nibbles”!

Watch Jim’s interview with Brad Cocklin, of Chunk Nibbles

Chunk Nibbles

Jim Shaffer and Associates is a proud member of the Woodward Corridor Community and we love to put the spotlight on our neighborhood community partners. Meet Brad Cocklin, owner of Chunk Nibbles!

What is Chunk Nibbles? Great question. It’s made of pretzels, peanuts, walnuts, and corn chex. They all come together with a light sweet coating to give you that addicting salty/sweet quality we’re looking for.

Brad grew up enjoying this delicious treat because it is his Grandmothers recipe that she then passed down to his mom. Originally the family referred to their treat as ‘Christmas Crack’. Brad and his family would take hundreds of tins of their treat to friends, family, teachers, and customers each Holiday season and people LOVED it and wanted more of it. What they thought was a basic treat, turned out to be something that the people needed more of in their lives.

Brad decided to turn this into a business when he got the itch to become an entrepreneur 2 years ago. With his families blessing, he was off. Today his product is in 300+ locations. Locally you can find Chunk Nibbles at all Great Lakes Ace stores, Holiday Market, Vince & Joes, Nino Salvaggios, Woodward Corners Meijer, Papa Joes, Randazzos, etc.

Get more info and learn about Chunk Nibbles at their website and Instagram.

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