Amy Pierce Artistry


Welcome to Community Conversations: Amy Pierce Artistry! Jim Shaffer sits down to talk with Amy Pierce, owner of Amy Pierce Artistry in Pleasant Ridge, about her experiences as a small business owner in 2020 during Covid.

Amy runs her small business, Amy Pierce Artistry, out of a beautiful shared studio space in the Ridge Office building in Pleasant Ridge, styling both men and women’s brows and doing make-up artistry. While Amy does make-up artistry for special occasions, advertising, commercial and fashion shoots her studio space is primarily used for her real art, brows. As a Barbicide-certified brow specialist, Amy provides personalized brow care to each client paying undivided attention to hair growth and shape.  

Amy’s Barbicide certification has come especially in handy this year, as it plays a crucial role in providing a safe and comfortable experience for clients. All tools are immersed in Barbicide, killing all germs including any possible from COVID-19, and Amy’s private studio is also extremely well ventilated to provide further protection from possible COVID-19 exposure. Frequent hand washing and sanitizing along with constant mask wearing is also part of Amy’s reopening strategy, and while a lot of people remain wary of the one on one contact that can occur in brow and make-up appointments, Amy’s been encouraged to see over half of her clients return after the COVID shutdown.

Businesses like Amy Pierce Artistry rely on word of mouth and social reviews to drive business, so don’t forget to refer your favorite stylists and artists like Amy and drop them a review on social after every appointment.

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