Alchemy Perfumery & Skincare


Welcome to Community Conversations: ALCHEMY PERFUMERY & SKINCARE! Jim Shaffer sits down to talk with Monique Herzig, owner of Ferndale Project in Ferndale!

Jim Shaffer and Associates is a proud member of the Woodward Corridor Community and we love to put the spotlight on our neighborhood small businesses. Meet Monique Herzig of Alchemy Perfumery and Skincare in Ferndale!

Monique began making serums and fragrances for herself in the late 80’s during a time when there wasn’t access to skincare made with natural ingredients. Decades later, her ingredients are still natural (and as a result, edible too!) but her vision has evolved to bring Alchemy to life and her skin care into the hands of consumers. Her best-selling item is currently Florida Water, a fragrance that “applies across gender lines” and can be found at Rail and Anchor in Royal Oak and Post in Detroit. To ensure freshness, all skin care is offered through along with fragrances and the option to book individual personalized appointments with Monique for skin care and henna.    Thankfully, COVID has minimally impacted Alchemy due to the fact that Monique is the sole employee and so much of what she does is on the personal one-on-one level or through her website. In these spirited times Monique is more grateful than ever to be part of such a strong and supportive community. Says Monique, “Ferndale is a great place for small business ownership for women especially, and I’m really proud to be part of that. I cannot imagine doing business anywhere else.”  

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