2022 Best Places to Get Pie

By: Mark H Stowers

If your mom, aunt or grandma aren’t in the kitchen creating your favorite pie
and holiday memory, then it’s time to find a close second. The metro Detroit area is
ripe with second place finishes and some that might even make you click your heels
and say “there’s no place like home” right out loud. No matter your pie craving –
pumpkin, apple, Michigan 4-Berry, cherry, blueberry, pecan, strawberry rhubarb –
there’s a surfeit of pie treasures close to home. Here is our list of the 2022 best places to get pie!

2022 Best Places to Get Pie

2022 Best Places to Get Pie

With several locations, Achatz Handmade Pie Company will make any pie lover’s
head spin with their choices and delectable flavors. Apple dumpling,
chicken/lobster/spinach and beef pot pies, lemon meringue, key lime, French silk,
coconut cream, cannoli, chocolate cream, Boston Cream, Cherry Cream and Banana
cream will make you hide the scale for the holidays. Add in all of their fruit pie
selections and you may never leave the store. But have no fear, you can order online
for delivery. Achatz offers cheesecakes as well as sugar free options as well.

Up next, Sister Pie in Detroit is known for their crust – never soggy – with the
celestial fillings on top that simply create heaven. Their aim to “celebrate the
seasons of Michigan through pie” is noble and true, oh and deliciously creative.
Their current menu includes Salted Maple, Sweet Potato Apple Streusel and Spiced
Chocolate Pecan. You can order ahead or take your chances but you won’t leave
hungry as their share of cookies, brownies and a limited lunch choice of Egg-on-top
Galette will take on your hunger. In what began a decade ago in her parent’s kitchen,
owner Lisa has continued to strive and grow into this unique eatery in Detroit’s
West Village. She has created a cookbook of her sensations and teaches pie making
classes from time to time. She just might nudge grandma over a bit in the kitchen
with her pie creations.

Zingerman’s Bakehouse brings together all the flavors of the holidays and traditions
but year round. From their perky pecan pie to pumpkin pie and jumbleberry pie,
chocolate chess, rustic apple, lemon merenga currently “in season,” this eatery will
make you put on your stretchy pants just thinking about them. There’s also pies
currently “on vacation” including cranberry walnut, banana cream, Mississippi Mud,
lemon chess, key lime and more that will keep you typing in Zingerman’s on your

Ferndale’s Western Market offers an array of fresh vegetables, meats and more in its
independent grocery store. The cheese, wine and beer may spark your attention but
their bakery where it’s Jenny Lee Swirl bread, Cream cheese brownies and most of

all – their eight-inch Pumpkin Pie will keep you coming back. And all at a great price
that won’t break your budget but will tickle your taste buds, Western Market is the
destination for that traditional family flavor you’re craving.

Detroit’s Sweet Potato Sensations is just that – and more. In what grew out of a
sweet potato cookie in the mid-1970s is now a full blown, well – sensation. Jeffery
and Cassandra Thomas have been whipping up all things sweet potato and yes,
savory. From nine-inch sweet potato pies, sweet potato pecan pies, lemon chess,
Coconut pie, assorted cheesecake sizes, sweet potato cakes and even sweet potato,
peach and apple cobblers, the Thomases are steadily satisfying the metro Detroit
area’s sweet tooth. They even make a sweet potato ice cream.

If pumpkin pie is your favorite and free is in your budget, check out the Jim Shaffer
and Associates Third Annual Pie Bomb coming up on Wednesday, November 23 in
five area locations. In partnership with Parks Title, Jim Shaffer and his staff will be
out giving out pumpkin pies from Western Market beginning at noon until the
supply is gone – and all for free. Check out these locations:

– Dog and Pony Brewery in Oak Park
– Leon and Lulu in Clawson
– The Neighbor’s Shop in Berkley
– The Good Company (Jim Shaffer and Associate’s Office) in Royal Oak
– The Ferndale Project in Ferndale

While sup-pies last! Metro Detroit is a sweet tooth’s dream for all things pie. Give
your grandma, mom and aunt a hug and a slice of pie from your favorite pie

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