10 Backyard BBQ Tips for Memorial Day

By: Mark H. Stowers

Spring has sprung – finally and it’s time to rev up the backyard grill and get the taste of summer simmering in your neighborhood. Working a grill can be tedious and precise but with a few easy tips, even a beginner can impress the cul-de-sac with delectable treasures from their gas or charcoal grill. Here are our 10 backyard BBQ tips for Memorial Day!

10 Backyard BBQ Tips for Memorial Day

First, no matter the age of your grill, give it a good cleaning both inside and out. You don’t want last year’s salmon flavoring this year’s ribeye. Invest in some quality grill cleaning and maintenance tools that will help bring out the flavor and extend the life of your back yard grill.

Find some “toys” that will enhance your skills. A grill basket can handle veggies, fruits and kabobs and keep them all together for a more eye candy, food porn creation. A rotisserie adds a nice, easy touch for a slow cooked treasure. Learning the ins and outs of a smoke box offers flavorful smells and tastes to some ordinary meats as well.

Jim Shaffer and Associates
Jim Shaffer and Associates

Create a haven around your Bar B Que with nets, canopies and umbrellas for shade. Make your “cool” cooking area even cooler with a few touches to avoid the summer heat from above. Some light netting or even a bed sheet will bring a surprising amount of shade to your outdoor fun.

Always have plenty of ice and create your own backyard drink to pair with your grilled delicacies. Combine and go the whole nine yards with a creative invite that highlights your specials.

Your meat and whatever else that hits the hot coals and grates doesn’t have to be exotic. But make sure it’s more portable as most folks will be holding a plate and conversing. A side of beef or whole turkey leg can be hard to balance and keep the conversation flowing at the same time. Perhaps, overlook the plates and find foods such as kabobs or hot dogs or burgers that don’t necessarily need a plate. And if the grill time is taking you away from all the outdoor fun, create foods that guests can grill themselves with little or no effort.

And, hey, if it’s food – grill it. Bread, veggies, even fruits such as bananas can be grilled. One quick dessert is a Banana Boat. Peel one layer back and scoop out a ridge of banana. Then fill that with tiny marshmallows and chocolate chips. Put the peel back and then wrap in foil. Cook for two to three minutes or until it all melts together then, grab a spoon and enjoy!

More than just your guests will be interested in your outdoor feast. Bugs and pests somehow find their way to an invitation. Keep your food under some type of cover. Plastic wrap and outdoor dishes work well. And make sure you’ve got food items that will stand up to the outdoor weather.

Make sure you don’t create a traffic jam in your backyard. Create multiple food stations so guests can spread out and enjoy the food, fun and conversation without trying to elbow each other for some chips or more lettuce.

Jim Shaffer and Associates

And as the sun goes down, consider some nighttime ambiance with special lighting and torches. Those Tiki Torches can double as a mosquito and other pest deterrent and those bright white Christmas lights you bought too many of make a great pattern on the backyard fence to add lighting without overtaking the scene.

Make sure there’s plenty of space to spread out and for folks to find a comfy place to sit and enjoy the food, fun and celebration. Offer some chairs, benches and even picnic blankets to spread the fun.

And think about a bit more entertainment. Some music on an outdoor speaker, yard games and other enhancements keep the crowd entertained and connected. You don’t have to go all out to have a great backyard Bar B Que. Keep it simple with fun in mind. Paper plates make for easy clean up as do plastic cups. Enjoy and entertain your friends with any level of BBQ skills with these added tips. We hope you enjoyed these 10 backyard BBQ tips for Memorial Day!

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